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in the background the trumpeter Fabrizio Gaudino with D Torto, A Zanchi, R Cipelli | photos Perale, Skattomatto, Rosso




between Music, Flavors and Solidarity

in Verona and on lake Garda

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Friday, 8 June 2018

DINNER with JAZZ 8th Ed.

Due Torri Hotel***** |P. za S. Anastasia, 4 - VR


Closed the 6th concert of 2018, promoted by JAZZ&More, Circolo Jazz Verona, Doc Live and Due Torri Hotel***** in the heart of verona. 9 monthly events where Artists and Public have the opportunity to share the passion for excellent cuisine and good live music, in a location of great beauty.

Special Guest Friday June 8, was the sicilian musician and singer  PAOLO RUSSO. Goodbye to October!!


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29, 30 June and 1 July 2018

O LIVE JAZZ Fest, 3rd Ed.

Coort & Theatre Torcolo | Cavaion, on Lake Garda


Great success for the beautiful Feast of the end of June on the hills of Garda, promoted by JAZZ&More, Circolo Jazz Verona, Doc Live, IPC and Pro Loco Cavaion, with the important support of Institutions, Companies and Partners.

The Event was back in Cavaion, bringing together this year's great Talents from Italy and Historical names from Germany to the USA, next to Hospitality, Flavors and Solidarity.

All night under the moon, in the beautiful Corte Torcolo.


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So, here we are to renew our invitation to enjoy a beautiful evening with good music, cozy ambience and pleasure of being together. Click on the images .. and be with us


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O LIVE JAZZ FEST 2018                                         DINNER WITH  JAZZ MUSICIANS 2018

The press conference                                                      The press conference for the presentation











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A great opportunity for Artists from all over Italy       The Jazz Winter Festival in the city                               Since 2000, the reference in Verona

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