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On the shore of Lake Garda the landscape is dominated by the Vine, the Olive and the Cypress, colored by Countries and Districts that have maintained authenticity and traditions, history and culture, to discover with calm.

Starting from the south, the walls of Peschiera remember its role in the Serenissima and then the Austro-Hungarian empire, while theme Parks attract for fun and discovery: Gardaland, Caneva, Movieland, Natura Viva, Rio Valli ...

Up towards the north, you can meet other historical towns, such as Lazise, with its medieval walls; Bardolino, famous for the nightlife, the small romanesque church and the beautiful villas. Garda, with venetian architecture dominated by the Rocca, and Torri with the beautiful castle. Between these last two towns is one of the most romantic place of the entire lake: the closed bay of Punta San Vigilio. If you like to walk, difficult to describe the beauty and the panorama you can enjoy from the summit of the nearby Monte Luppia, or from the Rocca over Garda or Monte S. Michele over Cavaion.

For all those interested in our O LIVE JAZZ FEST, here are some tips for every expectation and interest, but also in case of need and assistance.

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              PARKS,MUSEUMS, NATURE                                            HOSPITALITY                                             RESTAURANTS AND BARS

                         Things to do and see                                     Where to Stay: Hotels, Farmhouses and B&B                  Where to Taste Flavours, Cuisine, Coffee

              OIL, WINE AND FLAVOURS                                        USEFUL SERVICES                                                  OTHER EVENTS
                       Where to taste and buy                                    V  Medical Care, Repairs, Police and other                                      Festivals and Events
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