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 Jazz Food Solidarity on Lake Garda

On the stage of Lake Garda
some of the best Italian and International

Jazz Talents meet
Wines, Flavors and Solidarity





                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The territory between hinterland and Lake Garda


O LIVE JAZZ Fest is a beautiful Festival held in Cavaion, City of Oil, Wine and Stone on the hills of Lake Garda. It's the result of the combined work of companies, cooperatives and associations, with the sponsorship of Cavaion Municipality, Veneto Region and CCIAA and Confcommercio of Verona.

A festival dedicated to the combination of JAZZ, FLAWORS HOSPITALITY and INCLUSION, with an international vision, realized for the first time on 2016, focusing on a sixteenth-century Court with a 600-seat Theater, on Lake Garda's tourist Presences and on the strength of Make Together, in a vision of Community Care-Development.

Three evenings at the end of June in the historic Corte Torcolo, which combines the beautiful atmosphere of Lake Garda, the Wines and Flavors of the hinterland, the musical proposals of some of the most interesting young Talents and historical Names of Italian and international Jazz music. With attention to the themes of Accessibility, Inclusion and Ecology.


The attention to the Social theme includes the following aspects:

  1. Inclusion of Social Cooperatives and People with disabilities living on the territory into the working processes
  2. Presentation on the stage of Inclusion experiences and projects
  3. Free exhibition space and sale for inclusive Cooperatives and Associations
  4. Gastronomic and Concert areaa accessible to prams and buggies
  5. Free access to concerts for the accompanist of People with 100% disabilities
  6. Free access to concerts for children up to 13 years old
  7. Reduced access to concerts for children aged 14-18 years old and People with 100% disabilities


To help us, collaborate and support us, CONTACT US and become our own




Information for people with disabilities
The organization ensures within the Arena Torcolo Theater a reserved space for People with severe visual or motor impairment, in the area of Gradinata or Platea reachable through the accessible path. This in order to ensure an easy entry / exit to the show.
The Organization reserves for People with 100% disabilities and the right to follow-up and certified assistance, free entry for the accompanying person, compulsory adult.
















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        THE SOCIAL COOPERATIVE                         THE ENTREPRENEUR                                   THE TERRITORY                            THE OIL KING OF THE TABLE

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